Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Eighteen

This week’s roundup of weird and wacky legal cases starts out grim, but I promise we end on a high note. First, we look at why on earth a person would want to rob themselves. Next, we delve into a woman facing twelve criminal charges for practicing veterinary medicine without a license. Finally, we examine a funny case about an impaired driving charge on an electric scooter and look at a few other instances in which a person might find themselves on the wrong side of a drunk driving law.

It’s sure to be interesting, albeit a little sad at the beginning.

Robber wearing balaclava stealing valuable things
Pharmacists Rob Themselves
This is actually a sad story. As many readers of this blog are aware, there is currently an opioid overdose epidemic in Canada. What is making it worse is the addiction of many individuals to fentanyl, and the addition of undisclosed fentanyl to street drugs. In Ontario, however, drugs have been diverted from pharmacies to the street by way of pharmacy robberies.

Unfortunately, in some cases in Ontario, these pharmacy robberies have been staged in order to deliberately divert pharmaceuticals to the street. The masked robber in the videos seen here? Turns out he is an associate of the pharmacist, robbing the store in cahoots with the pharmacist in order to get fentanyl and other opioids. This is particularly problematic. Not only do these individuals face charges of robbery, trafficking controlled substances, but they are also potentially guilty of conspiracy which adds significant length to the sentence they may ultimately face.

Guys, don’t rob yourselves. It’s not worth it.

Good Samaritan Arrested
In what is probably the most poorly-thought-out set of charges to hit the books this year, a woman in South Carolina is facing twelve counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license. And this is not the ordinary underground veterinarian scheme you might think of. No, no. Tammi Hedges is being charged because she rescued and treated animals that had been left behind in Hurricane Florence.

And while it is understandable that a person should be charged for treating animals when they are not licensed to do so, that a person is charged in these circumstances is unnecessary and unjust. After all, Tammi did not have the option of taking the animals to the veterinarian. They were closed, as was everything else, because the whole area was under an evacuation order.

This is a clear overreach and the weird thinking that allowed a person to justify these charges is deserving of rebuke.

Another Funny Drunk Driving Case
What can I say? Drunk driving charges can, by their very nature, provide some of the most entertaining sets of facts. And so far this edition of Weird and Wacky Wednesdays has been a little grim. So I thought I’d liven the mood with a set of funny drunk driving facts.

Like this guy. Who was charged for impaired driving while on an electric scooter. A lot of people do not realize it, but many motorized vehicles qualify as motor vehicles under the law. There are plenty of examples of impaired driving charges on unconventional modes of transport. Like golf carts. And Zambonis. Or Barbie Cars. An electric scooter is nothing new. Heck, some places will even give you a DUI if you ride a horse while drunk.

Your best bet is to stay at home, or keep yourself confined to the passenger seat. And even then…

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