Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 268

It’s often said that wisdom comes with experience, but sometimes, one can’t help but wonder: what were they thinking? From a disgraced prosecutor trying to bend reality to justify her baseless charges, to a beer worker’s unsavory moment going viral, all the way to a driver thinking a creepy clown could count as a passenger — here’s a round-up of people who either thought they could outsmart everyone else, or simply should’ve known better. Grab your popcorn, because these tales are sure to leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

Even with everyone watching…

As a lawyer myself, this next story definitely hits near and dear to my heart. Former prosecutor April Sponsel is facing intense criticism at a state bar disciplinary proceeding for fabricating charges against an innocent man named Ryder Collins.

In her defense, Sponsel bizarrely argued that someone can be taking photos one moment and still commit a crime the next, likening it to Collins’ situation where he was photographing a sunset in Phoenix and coincidentally captured a passing protest. Despite video evidence clearly showing Collins had no association with the protest, Sponsel wrongfully included him in prosecutions for affiliation with a non-existent gang tied to the protest.

Her own office, in their notice of dismissal, commented on the unusual defense strategy she adopted, suggesting that it might have been more logical to plead ignorance rather than proposing that photographers might commit future crimes. This case also unveiled a slew of other groundless charges Sponsel had brought forward, undermining her credibility and calling into question her past judgments.

When they think no one is watching…

Tsingtao Brewery, China’s second-largest beer maker, is investigating a viral video that shows a staff member urinating into one of its tanks. The footage, which has garnered tens of millions of views on the social media platform Weibo, depicts a uniformed man climbing over a wall and onto a container to commit the act.

Tsingtao stated that the malt batch in question has been isolated and that the incident was promptly reported. While the company did not confirm the individual’s employment status, they have reached out to authorities for a thorough investigation.

The video has led to mixed reactions online and of course generated a slew of memes. The company’s shares experienced a brief drop in value on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Maybe stick with wine for a while.

No one would notice because it’s Halloween?

In Renton, Washington, a driver received a hefty ticket after attempting to trick law enforcement by using a creepy clown dummy with flaming red hair and a red foam nose as his passenger in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane on Interstate 405. Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson, the public information officer for District 2, stopped the lone driver after noticing the unusual “passenger.” Sharing the incident on social media, Johnson appreciated the Halloween-inspired creativity but clarified, “Love the Halloween vibe but still doesn’t count.” Adding to the driver’s woes, not only did the use of the dummy add a $200 penalty to the infraction, but the ticket also highlighted the driver’s expired license. While the exact ticket amount wasn’t specified, the Washington State Department of Transportation states that first-time HOV violators are fined $186. If caught a second time within two years, the fine jumps to $336.

In a series of baffling events showcasing individuals who evidently thought they could outwit the system or simply should have known better, we’re left shaking our heads. Whether it’s a former prosecutor showing no remorse for wrongfully charging an innocent man or an employee’s unsanitary act getting caught on camera or a Washington state driver believing a creepy clown dummy would pass as a legitimate passenger in the HOV lane, these tales serve as a reminder that sometimes, attempting to skirt the rules or cut corners can lead to unexpected consequences.

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