Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 139

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at a man who took his revenge on a tow truck company. Then we find out about a couple who went to shameful lengths to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Finally, we examine a dispute that split two neighbours and one piece of property down the middle.

Follow the jump to find out which weird and wacky legal cases from around the globe made the cut.

Tow truck inception

Tow truck driver has to be one of the most hated professions in the world – right up there with politicians and parking attendants. There is no doubt that seeing a vehicle towed away would fill a person with hate. So much so that they might even start plotting their revenge.

It sounds far-fetched, but actually, it isn’t. A Florida man admitted stealing a tow truck as revenge for the time the company towed his car. Police pulled over the tow truck avenger after he was spotted on the highway in the stolen vehicle.  

Police also recovered methamphetamine, methamphetamine, Xanax and hydrocodone. And charged the man with grand theft auto and three counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Vaccine tourism

It was pretty clear from the outset that the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine would take some time and vulnerable people were the priority. A Canadian couple apparently tried to jump to the front of the line, with little regard for who they put in danger in the process.

Former casino company boss Rodney Baker and his actor wife Ekaterina chartered a private plane to a remote community in the Yukon. Why would they break travel restrictions? To receive coronavirus vaccines meant for elderly members of the White River First Nation.

The couple went to a mobile vaccination clinic where they claimed to be workers at a local motel. But after the hotel confirmed they were not actually employees the clinic called enforcement officers. Police eventually found them at a nearby airport preparing to board a flight to Vancouver.

The Bakers were charged under Yukon’s Civil Emergency Measures Act, which carries a maximum fine of C$500, six months in jail, or both.

Bad neighbours

In the Bible, King Solomon solved a dispute between two women over a baby by ordering the child to be cut in two. A judge in Maine won’t have to go to such extreme lengths in deciding a dispute between two neighbours after the metaphorical baby in this case was already split in half.

A disagreement over land saw a man cut his neighbour’s garage in half, leaving its contents and debris on the adjoining property. Gabriel Brawn claims a land surveyor’s demarcation proves part of his neighbour’s garage sits on his property.

The owners of the garage are now suing Brawn so a judge will have a final say over the property dispute.

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