Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 138

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at why it is important to always dress smart and look your best… because you never know what will happen! Then we examine something that is truly bananas. Or it’s not bananas. It’s hard to say. Finally, we look at why you should leave a treat for the babysitter but maybe not go too far with that.

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest legal cases from around the globe!

Dressing Smart

If you’re on probation for drug charges, and on conditions not to consume drugs, you probably do not want to get caught in possession of drugs. That would obviously be a breach of your probation conditions. But worse than that… you probably don’t want to get caught wearing a “Don’t Do Drugs” shirt.

Apparently that confluence of unfortunate events was not avoidable for one North Dakota man, who was arrested for breaching his probation and possession of methamphetamine.

Remember kids: don’t do drugs. And if you do, don’t wear a t-shirt that says “don’t do drugs.”

This Shit is Bananas

Yesterday, the RCMP in the Okanagan released a statement about a shipment of bananas that were a lot more, um, valuable than expected.

Staff at a Vernon grocery store opened a box of bananas, expecting to put them out on the shelves and have customers purchase them. But when the started to inspect the produce, they noticed that something was off.

Buried under the bananas were several bricks of cocaine.

Now, this all happened two years ago but the investigation finally has concluded and the RCMP have been free to talk about it. Apparently what they determined was that the bananas were part of a missed pickup not bound for the Okanagan, but somehow accidentally got loaded into a box destined for Vernon.

Leave a Treat for the Babysitter

When I was babysitting, the parents of the kids I looked after would always say “help yourself to anything in the fridge.” But I was always terrified to take anything. If they left a bag of chips for me, I would eat a small bowl and leave the rest folded up nicely.

I never once considered that the parents would leave me drugs and enough booze for a house party. Nor did I think that parents would do that on several occasions, all while allowing me to have my friends over and use the drugs and drink the booze too.

Now, legally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with that if the babysitter is of legal age and the drugs are lawfully purchased. Except for the whole child endangerment and neglect issue. Which is what landed one set of parents in hot water. But what’s worse? The father is the dean of students at a Charter school. Someone who should know better.

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