Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 119

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at the best excuse for why there is a large, hard object in your underwear. Then we examine what happens when a man just won’t stop farting in front of his daughter. And finally, we ask what types of consequences can befall the person who robs a ninja?

Follow the jump to read more of this week’s weirdest and wackiest legal cases from around the globe!

Best Explanation Ever

I have read my fair share of hilarious excuses offered by individuals who are being searched by police for why they have suspicious lumps in places where there shouldn’t be any lumps.

But this one has to be my favourite excuse ever.

In a case involving a man who was being patted down by police as part of his arrest, the police patted down his groin area. When doing so the police felt a large, hard object that did not feel like a normal body part. The officer doing the pat-down search asked the man what was in his underwear.

His response? “My dick.”

Reader, it was not his dick. It was actually 184 grams of cocaine.

Farty Party

One of the reasons I love being single is that I never have to share a bed, a house, or a room with anyone who has excessive flatulence.

It can certainly get annoying listening to someone fart over and over. But, as Nicole Dozois discovered this past weekend, one must always be careful to control their fart-related rage.

Ms. Dozois shares a bedroom with her father, and when he would not stop farting on Sunday night, she allegedly attacked him in the midst of an altercation over the farts, punching him in the face several times. I’m not sure that would get him to stop farting… but it did get at least one of them removed from the house, so I guess she got what she wanted in a very roundabout way.

Oh, and of course this happened in Florida.

Ninja-like Reflexes

If you’re going to commit a robbery, I guess do it in an epic way. (But don’t commit robberies, please). Take this robbery in Iga, Japan as a perfect example.

The Ninja Museum is located in Iga and of course it celebrates the silent warriors whom you do not see coming until it is too late. We all now the story of the stealth of ninjas. But some burglars broke into the museum and absconded with over $10,000 in cash… all in less than three minutes!

Okay, so apparently this was just a run-of-the mill thieving with clear signs of a break-in and an alarm that was set off. BUT it still takes some serious gusto to rob the ninja museum… because you never know what is waiting for you inside!

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