Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 111

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at a really good bit of proof in a Sketchers store assault. Then, we examine the case of a law firm hack that may cost the firm a lot more than the ransom fee. And finally, we look at one of the stupidest reasons or suing a celebrity that I’ve ever heard.

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Try not to do this

In law, there’s a phenomenon known as a smoking gun. That’s when the evidence to support an offence is so clear and so connected to the evidence that it’s akin to holding a smoking gun after a shooting.

In this case, let’s call it the smoking wallet.

A woman in Oklahoma is now under arrest for assault after an incident that saw her throwing a shoebox inside a Sketchers store. The reason? She didn’t want to wear a mask, of course. But after fleeing from the oppressive rules of having to cover half her face while trying on shoes, she forgot one critical piece of evidence linking her to her misdeeds: her wallet. Which was, of course, promptly provided to police.

Hack Hawk

By now, nearly everyone is familiar with the common internet hacking technique that involves locking down a firm’s files and demanding ransom. But what if the files themselves are worth more than any ransom that could be paid?

Enter the celebrity law firm hacks.

A website is now offering to sell the confidential legal documents of major celebrities for hundreds of thousands of dollars each. All because the law firm that was hacked has refused to hand over the ransom money. Which some people are applauding.

But others, like the firm’s celebrity clients, are probably wishing the demands had been made.

Reese Witherspoon Charity Lawsuit

Okay, this one is fascinating.

Reese Witherspoon recently posted a contest by which teachers could enter to win a free dress. All the teachers had to do was provide their information and they would be notified if their name was drawn. The problem? There was only a limited supply of dresses and some teachers felt hurt that they couldn’t just get a dress from a magical unlimited supply.

So they did what any natural American citizen would do. They filed a class-action lawsuit against Reese Witherspoon to try to compel her to give away free dresses to every single teacher.

Yeah, that’s how you respond to charity.

Needless to say, Witherspoon has responded to the lawsuit, claiming that it is absolutely absurd. I mean, what kind of awful person sues to get a free dress after not being told that the chance that they could win a free dress in an internet contest was small. It’s an internet contest. And you aren’t entitled to a free dress just because you’re a teacher.

Show some maturity. Ugh.

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