Weird and Wacky Wednesday Volume Eighty Two

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we have a story that will send shudders down the spine of anyone who’s ever worked in a supermarket. We get an answer to the quesion, will an RV fit through a drive-thru – *spoiler alert* it won’t. And a domestic argument involving chips.

Follow the jump to find out who made it to this week’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday. Le’ts go.

Clean up on aisle 3

The city of San Francisco is going through a bit of a poop problem at the moment. It is dealing with a growing pile of human waste complaints. It has even had to set up a poop patrol to clean up the man-made mess around the city.

Now, it’s not just streets that have fallen victim to the scourge. Shoppers at a Safeway spotted a man pooping in one of the aisles. They also noticed an opened package of toilet paper near the man.

The mystery shitter was then seen going into a nearby Starbucks when he was finished.

Taco truck stuck

Police usually need to find a reasonable suspicion before charging someone with a DUI. Something about this story tells me the police involved didn’t have to work that hard.

Police arrested a woman on suspicion of DUI after finding her RV stuck in a Taco Bell drive-thru.

According to the local police, the woman also drove the wrong way into the drive-thru. Police arrested s 56-year-old woman on suspicion of driving under the influence.

‘Chips and infidelity’

And now, for our weekly trip to Florida. A woman was arrested for allegedly throttling her girlfriend. And what was the fight over you ask? According to police, the dispute started over “chips and infidelity”.

The two of them were allegedly arguing before one of them “turned physical” and grabbed the other by the throat.

The alleged strangler now faces a felony charge of domestic battery by strangulation.

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