Can You Fail a Breathalyzer with NyQuil?

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Merry Christmas from everyone at Can You Fail It. It’s cold and flu season which means plenty of us will be reaching for remedies such as NyQuil. But can you fail a breathalyzer with Nyquil?

By “fail” we mean to give a false reading on an approved screening device such as an AlcoSensor IV. You shouldn’t be taking any medicine that makes you drowsy before driving in the first place but could NyQuil also land you in trouble with the police?

In “Can You Fail It?”, we put everyday household items to the test to ask, Can You Fail It? We conduct semi-scientific experiments to test whether everyday household items will give a false positive reading on an approved screening device (ASD). Usually, it’s their presence in the mouth that can trick an ASD’s sensors. They don’t have to be absorbed by your body to register. If they do, maybe you should think twice about consuming them before you drive.

Remember is the blood alcohol content (BAC) reading is between 0 and 0.049 is a pass in a breath test. A reading of 0.05 to 0.79 is a “warn” while 0.08 or higher is a “fail”. In order to find out can you fail a breathalyzer with NyQuil, we put the product to the test in the Acumen Law Corporation labs. So please enjoy this special Christmas episode of Can You Fail It.

So far we’ve tested all manner of household items to find out if you can fail a breathalyzer with them. To see some of the previous items we have tested in the name of science, take a look at our YouTube playlist.

Watch the video to find out can you fail a breathalyzer with Nyquil.

If you are interested to find out our results of testing another cold and flu remedy watch our previous video.

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