Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 171

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at the case of a hippopotamus who is now a person, legally. Then, we look at a strange method of resolving a dispute over the household chores. Finally, we learn of yet another reason not to do meth.

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest legal cases from around the globe!

Future House Hippos

Animal law cases produce mostly heartwarming or heartbreaking results. But every once in a while, an animal rights case is so ridiculous you’d think the animal defence lawyers were pranking us all. For example, cases have considered whether monkeys have Charter rights.

But this recent case, involving a group of hippos, really takes the cake.

The Animal Legal Defence Fund filed an action in Ohio to try to stop the state from killing hippos that were descended from pets owned by Pablo Escobar. Under a strange law, the animals can file the action but cannot compel witnesses or require the other side to adduce documentation.

So the hippos went to the US Federal Court to seek standing to participate in their own lawsuit, and in so doing were named legal persons.

I think I read a book where animals slowly became persons once. Is this the start of that? Or will house hippos finally become the norm?

As”salsa” with a Weapon

If you’re a frequent reader of this series, then you know that I absolutely love stories involving food service or food as a weapon. And this case is no different.

A twenty year old woman in Florida was recently arrested after she and her mother got into an argument about the cleanliness of the house. In the course of the dispute, the young woman threw two tacos at her mother, striking her in the head.

As ridiculous as throwing a taco in a fight about how much mess there is sounds, even more ridiculous is that the mother reported a literal food fight to the police. The poor young lady was arrested and released on a $100 bond. No word if she had enough left over for some 99 cent street tacos afterward.

Seriously, Don’t Do Meth

This case is included this week in honour of my awesome colleague Emma. I promise you she is very real and not imaginary.

Unlike Emma, the girlfriend of Matthew Huber. You see, Huber’s girlfriend Emma apparently only appears when he smokes a lot of meth. But meth is hard to come by lawfully, and even more expensive than having a regular girlfriend. So Huber took to breaking and entering to fund his relationship…

Or at least, that’s what he explained to police when they asked why he was breaking into the rear of a parked vehicle in Florida one night.

I hope she’s worth it, dude.

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