Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 166

What I’ve learned from writing these weekly blogs, and what you’ve probably learned from reading them, is that there are many not-so-smart criminals out there. On this week’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday, we begin by highlighting one of these stories, where a burglar decided he needed a nap in the middle of the house he had broken into. Then, we follow this up with not one but two stories out of Florida.

Nap Time!

It’s most of our worst fear. Someone breaking into the house when we’re asleep, leaving us unaware of how and when they got it in; the only thing giving it away that they were there are the numerous missing belongings.

Well, for a woman in Ohio, it wasn’t the missing belongings that made her aware of a break-in at her house, but rather the burglar himself sleeping with the light on in her guest bedroom.

By the time she found the man, her husband had already left for work, leaving her home with her son and brother-in-law, who she woke up. He then chased the man out of their house.

But it gets even weirder. When she made her way downstairs, she discovered the man had even taken a swim in the pool and ate the family’s leftover chicken dinner.

You know how they say eating a big meal makes you sleepy; I guess that chicken dinner really did a number on the guy. He was hoping to get a quick nap in before leaving. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t wake up early enough, which resulted in him being discovered by the homeowner, and now he has been arrested by police.

Let this be a lesson, that if you plan on breaking into a house, then taking a nap in the middle of it, at least try to remember to set the alarm.

The ‘Elixir of Life’ made me do it!

Harry Potter is a fun fantasy world to escape to; whether that means reading the books or watching the movies, being able to lose yourself in the wizarding world of Harry Potter totally is always a fun thing to do.

This woman from Florida took her escape a little too seriously. When questioned by the police about her intoxication, she claimed she had taken nothing but the “Elixir of life” potion.

When police and firefighters responded to the original call about a woman acting erratically on the beach, the woman started saying she needed CPR but then just started running around.

It wasn’t until they realized she had hoped into the front of the firetruck, behind the driver’s wheel, that they had a reason to arrest her. She was charged with grand theft auto and resisting law enforcement officers.

Too bad, along with the ‘Elixir of Life,’ she couldn’t also get her hands on the Invisibility Cloak to avoid being caught altogether. Well, I guess you win some, you lose some.

Sir, that doesn’t count as payment

We end this week’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday on none other than a naked story out of Florida. This time, it’s a man who decided it was a good idea to expose himself to multiple toll collectors on a Florida expressway.

His exposure tour lasted a whole week, where he exposed himself a total of seven times, apparently driving through the tolls naked and even, in some cases, masturbating. He was eventually arrested at his home after the toll workers identified him through pictures.

He has been charged with six felony exposure of sexual organs counts and one misdemeanour exposure charge.

It’s stories like these that really make you wonder; what is wrong with the world?

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