Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 112

In this Week’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday, there’s some news sure to keep someone wide awake, a religious experience like no other and the perils of hiring a hitman online.

Follow the jump to find out who made the list this week.

Full o’ beans

The Italians are known for their love of coffee but police in Milan got more than they bargained for during one particular drug bust.

A parcel of Colombian coffee was found to have cocaine packed individually into hundreds of coffee beans. Who has time to do that?

All in all more than 500 coffee beans stuffed with cocaine weighing 2 kg and sealed with black tape were captured.

Police cottoned on to the suspiscious package after noticing the name it was addressed to, “Santino D’Antonio” a fictional mafia boss in the “John Wick” movie franchise.


Holy Sh*t

A breaker and enterer came up with a bullet proof excuse after his arrest. He was playing a virtual reality video game with Jesus.

Not only was the man on mushrooms, he was also naked. Police got a call about a “male subject running down the roadway completely nude and hitting passing vehicles with his hands,” and later caught the man, covered in a substantial abount of blood and mud, breaking into a home.

Upon questioning the man

Said he had eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms with Jesus, and that they were playing a virtual reality video game.

Craigslist for hitmen

A Michigan woman looking for someone to muder her ex-husband thought she found the perfect website for her when she went on

Unfortunately for her it was of course a huge joke and the webste’s operator contacted the police when the woman entered her details on the website’s form.

The woman was subsequently arrested and charged with murder solicitation and using a computer to commit a crime.

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