Kyla Lee on The Lynda Steele Show: A court ruling today could lead to thousands of 24 hour driving prohibitions being voided

A court ruling today could lead to the quashing of thousands of 24 hour drug impaired driving prohibitions. BC’s Supreme Court has ruled that police officers cannot introduce 24 hour prohibitions for drugs to drivers at police stations – or anywhere else that’s not at the roadside.

Kyla Lee said: “It’s a ruling related to 24 hour prohibitions for drugs which are often issued in the cases of cannabis impaired driving. It essentially limits the authority of police officers to issue them to only at the roadside. Typically what we’ve been seeing is that police officers will do their roadside investigation, arrest a person, take them back to the detachment for further testing and on completion of that testing, give them the prohibition. The court ruled today that that’s not lawful.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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