Kyla Lee on 610AM: Provincial Crackdown on Street Racing and Stunt Driving Misleading

​As the provincial government casts itself as getting tough on street racers and stunt drivers one lawyer says what they are really doing is covering their legal butt.

Acumen Law’s Kyla Lee says accused drivers are subject to a process they aren’t even aware exists and don’t take part in, where a police officer’s word is god, and zero records are kept.

​“There is nothing for the Supreme Court to review. Every time I have challenged one of these 15 day prohibitions in court the government has conceded the appeal and it has been removed from my clients record because they have nothing to defend the case with. That is frightening. That is exactly what a Star Chamber is.”

Lee say while the province has done away with a 15 day instant driving prohibition for longer bans it makes the system slightly more fair but she notes it is still rife for abuse.

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