Kyla Lee interviewed on Global News at 6: former RCMP inspector found not guilty of sex assault


Former RCMP Insp. Tim shields has been found not guilty of sexual assault teh charges in connection with an incident involving a civilian employee.

That a sexual encounter occurred was acknowledged. The issue was whether it was consensual. She said it wasn’t shields said it was.

Kyla Lee was interviewed by Global New’s Geoff Hastings:

“This wasn’t a case of mistaken belief in consent. This was a case in which the judge found it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt tat there was no consent.”

As for the decision causing a chill for sexual assault victims thinking about coming forward. The recent words of retiring Chief Justice Beverly McLaughlin are mentioned.

“She said you can’t get distracted by a small number of cases when the majority of sexual assault cases that go on in this country are handled correctly.”

Watch the full interview with Kyla Lee on Global News at 6:

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