Month: January 2020

Driving Law with Kyla Lee: Episode 91

Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko dissect the Chung decision at the Supreme Court of Canada. Ken Chung appealed the overturning of his acquittal for dangerous driving in relation to a collision in which a doctor was killed.

Also, there’s an intriguing case from the BC Supreme Court dealing with whether a non-lawyer should be allowed to represent people charged with Motor Vehicle Act offences. …

Judicial Independence: Cases That Should Have Gone to the Supreme Court of Canada, But Didn’t!

Welcome to Cases That Should Have Gone to the Supreme Court of Canada, But Didn’t! This week, lawyer Kyla Lee discusses judicial independence.

Acumen Law Corporation lawyer Kyla Lee gives her take on a made-in-Canada court case each week and discusses why these cases should have been heard by Canada’s highest court: the Supreme Court of Canada.

Driving Law with Kyla Lee: Episode 90

Forensic consultant and retired police corporal Grant Gottgetreu is on the show with Kyla Lee to talk about your obligations as a driver when it snows.

Indiana DUI lawyer Chuck Rathburn is also on the show. He discusses recent issues with disclosure and certification of breath testing instruments in Michigan and what implications that could have for instruments used here in Canada. …

Kyla on The Simi Sara Show

Where do you keep your phone when you drive?  For real, where is it?  That’s where the plug in is, and so it sits on my centre console.  Apparently that’s a no no given what has been happening with folks being ticketed for having their phones within reach.  Kyla Lee joins us on the line on yet another OVERTURNED ticket for having a cell phone in a cup holder.

Listen here.

Another Distracted Driving Ticket Overturned on Appeal

As if there has not been enough confusion about distracted driving laws, it appears that yet again confusion over what is permissible has led to an improper conviction for one driver.

The most recent case overturning a distracted driving ticket is that of R. v. Ali. This is yet another case where the officer observed a cell phone charging in a cup holder, and this evidence formed the basis of the conviction.

But, for reasons I discuss in this blog post, this case is a little more complex.

Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Eighty Five

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at what happens when adults don’t use
snow responsibly. Then, we find out just how bad things can get if you spit on a Trump
supporter. Finally, we question why Yamaha needs to put a weirdly specific legal disclaimer out
into the world.

Follow the jump and read on to find out more about the weirdest and wackiest legal cases from
around the world.

Kyla Lee in Law Times News

After viral video, lawyers confirm: Yes, there is a rule against walking across the highway

“Pedestrians have the right of way when crossing at uncontrolled intersections or in a marked crosswalk,” she says. “At a pedestrian controlled intersection, they have the right of way when the light signals them to walk. At a timed (standard) intersection, they are also only permitted to walk when the walk signal is on. A pedestrian is never supposed to cross in the middle of a four-lane highway.”
A pedestrian can be held partly liable if a driver must brake unexpectedly, but in this case, problems might arise, said Lee. For one, it’s not clear if the driver was slowing down and moving over or trying to overtake slowed traffic. While not illegal, the latter might leave some fault with the driver, she said.

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Kyla Lee on Jeff Andreas Show

Kyla joins the Jeff Andreas Show to discuss the case of an Indigenous man and his 12-year-old granddaughter who were arrested in Vancouver while trying to open up a new bank account.

Listen here.

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