Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Twenty Three

In honour of Weird and Wacky Wednesdays coinciding with Halloween, this week we look at the spookiest of Weird and Wacky Wednesdays legal cases: creepy clowns. You would not believe how many creepy clown cases there are in the legal world. This is but a small sampling of three of them to delight and horror you on this special day.

The Best Defence Against an Evil Clown?
An eleven-year old girl in Georgia was charged with weapons offences, after she decided to bring a knife to her school. Her rationale? A spate of creepy clown stories and sightings that left her in a state of fear that she might be the next victim of a creepy clown killer. I’ve heard of coulrophobia, but this girl sounds like she needs some counselling and some better parenting.

In Canada, you would never see a charge laid for something like this. Not only is it really bad public policy to discourage children from trying to protect themselves from legit creepy things, like clowns, but the Youth Criminal Justice Act prevents anyone under the age of twelve from being charged with a criminal offence. So what would have likely happened in Canada would have been an in-school suspension, a lecture, and an assurance that creepy clowns are only a figment of her imagination.

A Gruesome Murder
Look, don’t murder people. Generally speaking, you will likely get caught and the punishment sucks. But it’s even worse when you’re wearing the creepiest of all disguises: a clown. And this murderous merrymaker was not just dressed up. Nope, he also had a set of bladed gloves used to carry out his evil deed. Talk about a scary-ass clown.

Anyway, the clown killer was later apprehended – eerie disguise notwithstanding. And when the police asked him about the murder he advised them that the deceased had attacked him, in an attempt to steal his scooter, and then accidentally slit his own throat against a spiked glove. Doesn’t explain the witness observation, however, that a person “matching the suspect’s description” was seen throwing an object, later discovered to be a bloodied knife.

Pranks Gone Wrong
Look, I remember being a teenager and riding around town pulling pranks. But mostly they were just harmless pranks, like shouting the word “penis” as loud as I could from the window of a moving car. But some teenagers take pranks too far. Like this pair, who were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a prank gone wrong.And it’s easy to understand how. The two older teenagers decided it would be absolutely hilarious to dress up as creepy clowns, jump out of a vehicle, and chase some fourteen-year-old girls down the street. Their intended targets disagreed, and the police were involved.

The reality is that this type of prank-turned-sour would likely not have been as big of an issue, had it not been done in the centre of a series of creepy clown police reports that were filed in the Southern United States and that led to mass panic — I mean, more mass panic than normal — about clowns.

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