Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Thirty Two

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we explore the depths of human frustration. First, we see how an overly competitive workplace can drive some to do terrible misdeeds. Then, we look at how really bad parking can also trigger murderous rage. Finally, to lighten things up, we look at the case of a strange arrest for public intoxication and what the fallout of that is for the public in West Virginia.

All this and more below the jump!


Now That’s a Competitive Workplace
The competitive nature of the workplace can sometimes drive employees to perform better. And sometimes it can drive employees to perform criminal acts.

Police in Toronto, Ontario have arrested two men who worked at a car dealership. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Sales can be tough. Maybe an argument over a commission broke out and one man punched another. Or one employee was harassing another and took it too far. But you’d be wrong. Way wrong.

In an unexplained apparent plot, two car dealership employees were arrested and are being charged with attempted murder. Allegedly, the men conspired to poison a colleague with engine coolant in his water bottle, in an attempt to cause his death. There appears to be no apparent motive at this point, so it will be interesting to see how the case unfolds but this is certainly an unusual murder plot.

Parking Wars
One of the most frustrating aspects of daily life is finding parking. Who among us has not felt our body temperature rise, and our temper become short, after driving around a parking lot in circles looking for a prime parking stall? And who among us has not scoffed in frustration to find someone parked in our reserved parking stall, without permission? Worse still, who has not been entirely miffed to find someone has double-parked them, thereby preventing their egress from their legitimately parked vehicles?

Well, some genius in Australia had a solution to this problem. Trouble is, his solution is in no way lawful.

Yes, a man in Australia who got boxed in by another vehicle took matters into his own hands, quite literally. After removing his shirt, he calmly collected his bow and some arrows, and beer in hand, fired off arrows at the offending vehicle and its occupants.

I would not recommend this approach however. He was arrested shortly afterward.


Strangest Visit to the Drunk Tank Ever
Many good stories on this blog series undoubtedly end in a visit to the drunk tank. And this one is no exception. However, this is probably the pair to have ever visited the drunk tank, at least in West Virgina.

In West Virginia, two raccoons were reported as wandering around drunk on crab apple liquor and terrorizing a neighbourhood. Rather than put them to their death, or hide indoors until the little bastards sobered up, the police intervened. They staged an operation that involved capturing the raccoons, and taking them in for processing.

They were later released.

Which, it turns out, was the wrong course of action. One of the pair had distemper and had to be euthanized after all. The disease was probably the cause of his symptoms but his friend had already been set free and is probably spreading his disease elsewhere. Oops.

But this story raises so many questions. Did the raccoons get a lawyer? What animal from the forest provides legal advice? Were they given translations for their Miranda rights, or did they have to try to understand human? And can a raccoon even be charged with public intoxication, or did grounds for arrest not exist? And why were police resources used on an operation that clearly was an animal welfare issue? That last question is serious, mind you.

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