Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Thirty Eight

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at how a weekly bingo event at a seniors home in Ontario could end with police attending — and not for a dead body. Then, we examine yet another hilarious but possibly wrongful way to be terminated from your employment. Finally, I get to express a little jealousy over the case of an Australian man who appears to have gotten away with a crime that I would very much like to commit if I had a free pass.

Read on to find out what that is, and more on this week’s edition of Weird and Wacky Wednesdays!


Gambling is Serious
In the Lower Mainland recently we have heard a lot about casinos and money laundering. Indeed, crime in casinos and gambling establishments has been at the forefront of media stories lately. However, stories like this one are not what we think of when we think of crime taking place in betting houses.

In an elderly care home in Rideau Lakes Township in Ontario, police were called to the weekly bingo game after a full-on bar-fight style brawl broke out between a 79-year-old and an 86-year-old woman over seating at the game.

No arrests were made, and order was restored to the game. Frankly, it is probably a good idea that no arrests were made because in the circumstances there may be serious issues getting all the relevant witnesses and accused persons to the courthouse in time for trial.

A Job So Easy a Monkey Could Do It
There are plenty of ways to get fired from work. You can get fired for filming yourself farting, as we saw in an early edition of Weird and Wacky Wednesdays. You can get fired from your job for showing up late, or selling drugs, or showing up drunk. But most people don’t get fired for finding a solution to a problem that impacted the workplace.

Not so for a bus driver in India, who was recently terminated from his employment. According to witnesses, the driver was faced with a problem when a man entered his bus with a monkey. However, the monkey refused to sit anywhere but up at the front with the driver. To solve the problem, the bus driver decided to teach the monkey how to drive.

Quickly, video of the monkey operating the steering wheel of the bus went viral, and the company found out. The man was terminated.

But he may have a case for wrongful dismissal. I’d hazard a guess that his contract did not explicitly state “Do not let monkeys drive.” Additionally, the driver had a problem on the bus and he dealt with it in a way that caused the least disruption possible. He was always there to take the wheel if the monkey made a mistake. I don’t really see the big deal. But I also don’t practice employment law in India, so I recommend he hire someone there.


My Dream Robbery
If people had carte blanche to commit one crime, I like to think that most people would not commit a murder or do something awful and violent. I like to think that most people would commit a victimless crime, like breaking into Disneyland after dark or cuddling with baby pandas without permission at the zoo. For me, I would go the non-violent route as well.

In fact, my dream crime would probably look a lot like this very real one.

A man in Victoria, Australia broke into a closed shopping centre and basically had his way with the food court. He stole cookies, ice cream, cakes, and did it all while shirtless. The best part of this crime is that it appears he got away with it, as Victoria Police tweeted out a plea for assistance identifying him by his photo from security cameras and advising anyone who knows him to call Crimestoppers.

So this man go to live the dream: one free, mostly victimless, crime.

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