Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Forty Four

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we explore an unconventional and certainly not recommended use for Axe Body Spray. Then, we look into why one man’s obsession with his mannequin went way, way too far. Finally, we delve into the case of a mysterious package of white powder that prompted the shutdown of a Boston courthouse. But the white powder may not have been what it seemed…

Follow the link below and check out this week’s roundup of the weirdest and wackiest legal cases from across the globe.

Axing the Arrest

Well, this is aptly timed. Just yesterday our office released the first in a series of investigative videos looking at potential causes of false results on roadside breathalyzers. And I think this man may have just given me a new idea for something to test.

A suspected drunk driver was desperate enough to try an unconventional method to fool the breathalyzer in a recent traffic stop for impaired driving. When the police approached his window, they found him furiously spraying Axe Body Spray in his mouth, in the hopes of avoiding the breath test. He never got to the breath test roadside, however, as police had him perform a series of field sobriety tests, which he failed.

His goal of avoiding detection had obviously failed. In fact, the tactic he employed basically made him look more guilty. Go figure.

No word yet on whether Axe Body Spray actually impacts a breathalyzer.

Family Violence

Sometimes it is terrible, and should really stop. But sometimes it is downright wacky and weird. Or, weird and wacky. This family violence case is one of the weirder and wackier that I have seen.

Mikkel Dankner had a strange obsession with his mannequin. And, like any Florida man who lives with a mannequin, the 40-year-old also lived at home with his mother. His mother was just kindly preparing a dumpling dinner for the family when Mr. Dankner asked her to dress his mannequin for him. She refused.

But Mikkel reacted in a very strange way. Rather than simply dress the doll himself, Mr. Dankner pushed his mother to the ground and force fed her the dumplings that were prepared for dinner. To be fair, this violence should stop too, but it certainly is the most unusual case of family violence I have ever read.

Hazmat Overreaction

In Boston, the courthouse was recently shut down and searched by the local hazmat team. The reason for this? A suspicious package arrived at the courthouse, which, when opened, contained a small package of white powder. Naturally, people panicked.So after court was shut down and the place thoroughly searched by hazmat crews, the nature of the package was then investigated. It turns out that the mysterious white powder was nothing but a candy cane that had been crushed up.This case raises so many questions… who sent this letter? Did they intend to mimic a terrorist attack? Why does anyone have a candy cane in March? And couldn’t the recipient smell the delicious pepperminty flavour and see the red stripy pieces? These questions likely won’t receive responses, but for now we should all take a moment when we get white powder in the mail and listen to see if we can hear a jingle bell from afar.

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