Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Forty Five

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at how far one man will go to get a really quick bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Then, we delve into some strange issues with the Anna Delvey trial and who is footing the bill for certain… unusual trial expenses. Finally, we find out just why a woman decided to stab her boyfriend in the face, and why he totally understood.

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That Must Be Some Sandwich

As the rumours go, New York is a fast-paced, busy city. And so it is understandable that those in a deli lineup want their sandwiches in a reasonable period of time. But, if you have a specialty order during the morning rush hour you should also be reasonably prepared to wait a few minutes.

This was not the case for one man, who ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a cinnamon raisin bagel. Frankly, that combination is enough to have him featured on this blog series but his reaction when he was told that it would take about five to ten minutes to make his sandwich is what landed him a spot this week.

In response to the totally normal waiting period for cooking eggs and bacon and toasting a bagel, the man started demanding the deli make his sandwich now. The whole interaction is caught on camera, and it is a thing to watch. When his verbal tantrum does not get him the results he wants, he picks up bags of bread and starts throwing them around.

He left before the police arrive, so the angry bagel man remains at large, after having uttered threats and just generally overreacted for a sandwich.

The Most Interesting Fraud Trial Going

If you haven’t heard of the fraud trial taking place against Anna Delvey, the self-proclaimed German heiress who turned out to be nothing more than a wannabe rich girl kiting cheques and fooling New York’s elite, you should really read up on this woman. It is the most fascinating story you will read all week. And more fascinating than the woman who lived for months, free, in a luxury New York hotel without paying a dime is what is happening in her trial.Ms. Delvey is facing trial, after it was revealed that she has literally no money and never did, for her numerous fraud charges. And while it makes sense that a person who has no money can get a lawyer, the woman has also apparently hired a celebrity stylist for the trial, to dress her in designer clothes for each day of the trial.

The big mystery is how she is paying for this privilege, or who is footing the bill? And can I get them to dress me for my upcoming trials?

What’s a Little Face Stabbing Between Lovers?

If you really like Bryan Adams, you probably understand where these two are coming from. At a Bryan Adams concert in Newfoundland, a couple decided to try to sneak their way to the more expensive seats. In an ill-fated attempt to get even closer to the stage, the woman moved one of the floor chairs closer to the stage. The seat’s owner was unimpressed, and started taking pictures of the woman to report it to security. This resulted in the woman’s boyfriend grabbing the man’s phone, and throwing it into the crowd. A fight broke out.The woman and her boyfriend were ejected from the concert. At this point, the woman expressed her displeasure at her boyfriend’s poorly conceived attempt at bravado. They began to fight, which culminated in her throwing a pot of macaroni on him and stabbing him in the face.

The best part is that the story doesn’t end here. The woman was charged with assault against her boyfriend, and the case went to trial. Her boyfriend testified in her defence, stating that she had not stabbed him in the face but that there had been a mutual struggle between the two. However, police officers testified that she was belligerent and uncooperative and drunk. So she was convicted.

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