Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty Nine

This week Weird and Wacky Wednesdays is back! This time, with another awesome set of cases. On today’s edition, we examine the HOV laws and a strange exemption claimed by one driver. Then, we look at the curious case of the ice-cream licker. Finally, we look at how a group of judges ended up facing criminal charges after a shoot-out in a parking lot.

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HOV Lane Violations

I’m going to tell you a true story. A few years ago, I looked up the HOV lane provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act to see if they specifically used the word “person” as opposed to “occupant.” I thought that if the legislation was not specific about the occupants of the vehicle being people, I could use my dog as an excuse to drive in the HOV lane. Thankfully, the legislature had outsmarted me on that one.Anyway, the legislation does not indicate that the persons in the vehicle have to be alive for them to count. And this actually happened.

Apparently, a mortician in Nevada was driving in the HOV lane in his hearse. He appeared to be the lone occupant of the vehicle, and was stopped. A state trooper then was about to issue him a ticket when the driver asked whether the body in the back counted. Sure enough, there was a dead guy in the rear.

And no, they don’t count. The driver was ticketed.

Ice Cream Bandit

Some crimes require a great deal of police resources to track down hardened criminals, on the lam, after violent offences. And some crimes do not. Apparently in Texas, the investigation of ice cream crimes falls into the “full police resources” category.In Texas, a video of a young woman opening and licking a tub of ice cream at the grocery store, before then putting it back on the shelf, recently went viral. And unlike most “dumb stunt” viral videos,  this one caused the police to become involved. A full investigation was conducted and police ultimately were able to identify the woman in the video. They even had police detectives working through the Fourth of July holiday to gather the evidence in this case.

She has now been arrested for her heinous crimes and will face charges soon.

Judicial Misconduct

In Indiana, the judges were a little stressed. So they decided to go out for a night on the town to blow off some steam. Their plan: strippers and drinking. Nothing extremely unusual about that, although I think most judges would think twice about going into an exotic dance bar.As the night wore on, the judges decided to head to another club. When they were denied entry, after being told the club was closing, they then proceeded to go to a White Castle for burgers. As they convened in the parking lot, a brawl broke out between the judges and the occupants of an SUV that pulled up around the same time. Guns were drawn, a judge was shot, and now that judge is facing charges.Very few details are known about what happened here. But I will say that any case which culminates in a gun-shot-victim judge being charged in a parking lot shootout at a White Castle after 3:00 a.m. is super interesting and worthy of following.

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