Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 269

Human relations: a paradox as old as time—indispensable, yet at times insufferable. On occasion, it’s a mother who reaches her wits’ end with grown children still nesting at home. In another part of the world, an entire village finds their heart and soul in a leader who serves from afar. And sometimes, it’s a web of lovers, spun together by deceit, discovering the bitter truth behind sweet lies. This week’s articles are a reminder that the threads binding us—to family, to community, to partners—are as fraught with tension as they are woven with care. Join us as we unravel stories that navigate the fine line between the warmth of connection and the chill of betrayal.

Bamboccioni…no it’s not a kind of pasta

In the northern Italian city of Pavia, a mother took legal action to evict her two adult sons from her home, labeling them “bamboccioni” — a term used for adult children living at their parents’ home. The 75-year-old, weary of her 40 and 42-year-old sons’ lack of financial and domestic contributions, won the case.

The 75-year-old, weary of her 40 and 42-year-old sons’ lack of financial and domestic contributions, won the case. The court, led by Judge Simona Caterbi, acknowledged that while parents have an obligation to support their children, this duty has limits, especially when the offspring are fully grown and employed. The ruling required the sons to vacate their mother’s apartment by December 18, emphasizing that family ties do not equate to an unconditional right to live in the parents’ home.

The case underscores the social issue in Italy where it’s not uncommon for adult children to live with their parents late into adulthood, a phenomenon reflected in the nation’s high average age for leaving the parental home.


Eric Manu, a chief of the Akan tribe in Ghana, returned to his landscaping job in Canada after taking up his tribal responsibilities. His return was motivated by a commitment to support his community back in Ghana, which faces neglect from the government, lacking basic amenities like clean water, electricity, and adequate healthcare.

By working in Canada, Manu aims to raise funds and forge partnerships to improve the living conditions in his village, aspiring to transform it into a place as thriving as his adopted Canadian home.

Manu not only raises funds but also actively searches for philanthropic partnerships, all while representing and standing up for his tribe’s interests before governmental authorities. His dual life reflects a deep sense of duty, both to his heritage as a chief and to his tribe’s future prosperity.

39 year old fraudster with 74 birthdays (that we know of)

Takashi Miyagawa, a Japanese man, found himself in a web of romantic duplicity after he allegedly dated over 35 women simultaneously with a strategy to receive multiple birthday gifts.

He managed this by telling each woman a different date for his birthday, leading to a bounty of gifts and well-wishes. However, the scheme unraveled when the women connected and formed a collective, sharing their stories and realizing the deceit. They took their case to the police, leading to Miyagawa’s arrest on suspicion of fraud. This unusual tale of romantic deception highlights the complex and sometimes dark facets of personal relationships and the lengths to which some will go for personal gain.

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