Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 163

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we will be swimming through a new lawsuit brought on by the naked Nirvana pool baby. Then we’ll head over to where else but Florida, where a man decided a snickers bar was worth jail time. And finally, we will head overseas to Sri Lanka, where new drunk driving laws have just been implemented-the catch being they have nothing to do with driving a car!

Smells Like a Lawsuit

If you’re a fan of punk rock, you have almost certainly heard of a little band called Nirvana. And if you’ve heard of Nirvana, it only makes sense that you know of their famous Nevermind album cover being a naked baby in a pool.

Well, here is something you probably never saw coming. That baby is now a 30-year-old man named Spencer Eldon, and he is suing the band for child pornography and saying they sexually exploited him.

He is also suing for lifelong damages, naming “extreme and permanent emotional distress with physical manifestations, interference with his normal development and educational progress, lifelong loss of income earning capacity” in the lawsuit, to name a few.

While these are certainly serious allegations, they do come as a shock, seeing as just 5 years ago, Eldon recreated the photoshoot, wearing swim trunks, which he himself said were only worn because the photographer said it would be strange for him not to.

Who knows what will come of this lawsuit, if anything at all; however, what we may have learned is that asking a baby ‘come as you are’ may not be the best decision moving forward.

You’re not you when you’re hungry

In other news, well, in Florida news, to be exact, a man is in jail after being arrested for armed robbery for apparently attempting to steal a Snickers bar at knifepoint.

The store clerk said the man walked in asking for free food and, when being refused, pulled out a switchblade and said these exact words; “Don’t make me do something stupid for a Snickers bar.”

Now we’ve all heard of people doing crazy things for money, jewelry or electronics, maybe even alcohol, but this is the first, probably for most of us, to hear of someone whipping out a weapon after being refused a free piece of candy.

When the man himself was questioned about pulling the knife, he admitted taking it out, but his story differs from the clerks. He said he took the knife out, hoping to exchange it for the Snickers bar.

Well, whether he was using the knife as a weapon or a bargaining chip, that’s a whole lot of extra-ness to go through for a Snickers bar. Unfortunately for him, he ended up in jail with a bond set at $10 000. That’s a whole lot more than the $2.00 chocolate bar that caused this whole fiasco.

No Drinking and…. Riding?

For our last story today, we’re flying across the world, all the way to Sri Lanka, with a new law we would certainly never hear about here.

That law being the ban of alcohol or drug consumption while riding elephants. Yes, you read that right, elephants.

This new law comes from several new changes made by the wildlife protection ministry of Sri Lanka, aiming to protect animal rights better, specifically elephants.

Other new laws include fewer working hours for elephants and no more than four people to ride one at a time.

If anyone violates these new laws, they could face up to three years in prison and have their elephant taken away by the government.

In that sense, their elephant laws are similar to British Columbia’s drinking and driving laws, except instead of having an elephant seized, we can have our cars impounded. But it’s tomato/tomato (read; tuh-may-tow/tuh-mat-ow).

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