Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 141

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, police are looking for a man who went Medieval for an armed robbery. Then, we find another example of the dangers of using Zoom in the legal profession. Finally, we have a lesson for any would-be fake ID owners out there.

Follow the jump to find out about the weirdest and wackiest legal cases this week.

Not the sharpest tool

Usually when you read about an armed robbery in the news it involves a gun. So kudos to this suspected criminal for thinking outside the box.

A man wearing a facemask with the logo of The Flash entered a board game store in New Westminster, BC. He started to put bundles of Magic the Gathering cards in a bag and when confronted by a member of staff, he pulled out a sword.

Much like the superhero whose logo he wore, the man ran away faster than lightening.

Feline ashamed on Zoom

Ever since the pandemic happened, a new kind of story keeps appearing in the news: Zoom mishaps. Who can forget former New Yorker reporter Jefferey Toobin being fired for unwittingly masturbating in front of his colleagues.

In a courtroom, you are expected to act with decorum and Zoom hearings are no different. So I can only imagine the embarrassment Texas lawyer Rod Ponton must have felt during this virtual court hearing.

Mr Ponton was on a Zoom call with a judge but somehow he managed to switch on a filter that made him appear as a kitten. When the judge pointed this out he frantically tried to remove the filter, even calling in his assistant.

After failing to remove the filter, Ponton eventually gives in and says he is prepared to continue the hearing as a cat. A lesson to everyone, don’t mess around with Zoom’s settings.

Superbad idea

A good lesson to anyone, if you call the police after you have something stolen, you’d better make sure the item isn’t itself illegal.

Oklahoma City resident Blakelee Sands went to a bar where she tried to buy a drink with a fake ID. Instead of serving her, the bartender confiscated the ID which was registered in Texas and had the name, “McKamie Queen”. Not quite McLovin but close enough. She clearly must have really wanted the item back, however, because when the bar refused to return it, she called the police.

 When the police arrived she insisted the ID was genuine and her name was McKamie Queen. When the police checked the licence number it showed it belonged to a male motorist.

Instead of getting her prized possession back, Ms Sands is now facing a felony charge of presenting a fake ID with the intention of misleading an officer. Oops.

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