Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 129

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at the case of a moose-on-car collision. Then, we examine some unusual criminal connections to the US election. Finally, we look at two criminals who had a lot of balls. Literally.

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Make the Moose-t of a Bad Situation

In Maine, a man has died after a three-car pileup. However, this was no ordinary car crash. Police who investigated the accident learned that the initial collision was caused by a man hitting a moose. This caused his vehicle to hit another car, and then a third. The man in the second vehicle died.

And, no, the man who passed away was not killed by being crushed between two vehicles as one would normally expect in a three-car pileup. Rather, the moose flew into the air from the force of the impact and landed on the second vehicle.

Death by flying moose.

What’s even more crazy about this situation is that this is not uncommon. There are approximately 500 moose-related crashes a year in Maine, which has been steadily declining. The ten-year moose crash count is 7000, with 26 crashes leading to a death. I wonder if there is a moose-related insurance policy for vehicles in Maine.

And… Since We’re All Talking About the Election

I know we’ve all talked about the election and Trump being a criminal and the consequences of electing a man who has his, um, history. And we’re also all fixated on our devices looking to see if that individual is going to be re-elected.

But you know that old chemistry proposition that “like attracts like?” Apparently it holds true for political donations.

Apparently, two of the major donors to Trump’s re-election campaign have been identified as wealthy mob bosses from the alleged Colombo crime family. Like, some literal Sopranos style shit.

I Can’t Believe They Had the Balls

Some crimes are ballsy. And this one was both ballsy and, well, not ballsy.

The story is insane. Apparently, the alleged victim searched online about castration and found the two accused perpetrators who were willing to perform an off-the-books castration surgery. In their house. They did not anaesthetize the victim, but instead numbed the areas and removed their testicles. Upon completion of the procedure, the surgeon joked that he was a cannibal and would eat the testicles.

Even worse… a search of their house revealed a plastic bag in a deep freeze full of — you guessed it — balls!

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