Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 126

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at what happens if you have a wet beaver in Calgary. Then, we examine the punishment for school snack runs. And, finally, we look at the unintended consequences of posting a bad internet review.

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest legal cases from around the globe!

A Wet Beaver

If you are thinking something other than a literal wet beaver, shame on you for expecting better of me. No, this weird legal case involves some of the important public interest work done by police forces that could only occur in Canada.

Calgary police spent their Thanksgiving weekend rescuing a beaver from a storm drain. It had apparently become stuck behind a large grate secured with bolts. Police removed the grate and the beaver happily swam away.

School Snacks

A teacher in BC has been reprimanded for taking students in her grade 6 class on snack runs. Now, there’s nothing wrong with bringing snacks into school but the students were taken off school grounds without permission, were told to lie about it if they were asked, and were put in the teacher’s car without seatbelts.

It’s not clear why the teacher did this, or how people found out about it. I recall when I was a student I would have loved this…. But these are different times.

The teacher was given a three-day school district suspension and a one-day suspension of her teaching certificate. Something tells me next time she will use Uber Eats.

Don’t Post a Bad Yelp Review

Customers got an even worse dining experience than they bargained for after they posted a negative Yelp review for a barbecue restaurant in Florida. After writing the negative post, the owner sought out the suspected poster and located him at his mother’s house.

An assault then ensued, ostensibly as punishment for the bad Yelp review.

The restaurant owner was arrested and charged. No word on whether the review has been amended to “zero stars if I could.”

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