Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 104

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at a rash of public-sex crimes. Apparently the requirement for social distancing has left people more than a little horny, as they can’t keep their hands off each other until they are out of public.

And what would Weird and Wacky Wednesdays be without a Florida man? This week, we look at a case involving a Florida man who was a little too arrogant in his livestreaming.

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More than an eyeful

A police officer is under investigation, while New Mexico police search for a woman depicted in a video with the officer. The video – as you’ve probably already guessed – shows the officer and the woman engaged in a sex act on the hood of a vehicle.

Not very clever, this officer, as he set up for his sex right in front of a camera installed by the city to catch vandals. The whole thing is caught on camera. And, apparently, in front of the couple’s dog.

In case it needed to be said: if you’re a uniformed police officer, please don’t have public sex in front of a public camera.

Speaking of Public Sex….

Apparently people have forgotten about the risks of not social distancing in New York. Just like the officer in the first story, this couple decided to do the deed on a subway platform in Brooklyn. The entire incident was captured on an onlooker’s camera.

Although the video is not displayed on the original Fox News (sorry) story, they do describe that halfway through the video, one of the participants in the public sex turned to the camera and flashed the “rock on” sign.

Florida’s Best Television

Here’s some free legal advice for you: if you’re on the run from police or you have a warrant out for your arrest, don’t livestream your drive through Florida. Police will see it and find you.

Oh, and here’s some even better free legal advice: if you’re going to livestream your travels despite having a warrant, maybe stay away from doing it if you’re in possession of firearms and narcotics. Otherwise when police find you and arrest you, you’ll end up facing a whole slew of other charges.

Such was the case of a Florida man, who live-streamed a several hour-long drive through Florida. That would be fine, but the stream kept running while he was pulled over by police and ultimately arrested. A vehicle search revealed a number of prohibited items and he’s now in custody.

Hard to have much sympathy when you invite that sort of thing on yourself, frankly.

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