Kyla on City News: Likely end of the road for trucking company accused of hitting multiple overpasses

The Metro Vancouver trucking company that has been accused of hitting multiple overpasses will no longer be able to operate in B.C., and a lawyer specializing in driving infractions tells CityNews this is likely the end of the road for Chohan Freight Forwarders.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure dropped the bombshell Friday morning, announcing it has cancelled the company’s licence in the interest of safety.

While some might think the business owners could just start up again under a different name, Kyla Lee with Acumen Law says this wouldn’t be legal.

To run a trucking company in Canada requires National Safety Council (NSC) registration, Lee says. To get that, she says company directors are checked for infractions, which would easily identify if they have a suspended licence.

She says trying to be sneaky and work around using someone else’s name likely wouldn’t end well.

“If there was an investigation that revealed that that person was essentially acting as a shell to facilitate these people sort of working around the licence restriction, then they could potentially face criminal charges if there was some sort of element of fraud that was going on to obtain the licence,” Lee said.

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