Kyla on CBC’s On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko: Soapbox social: peaceful protests, encampment removals and holiday spending

Our panelists Kyla Lee, a Vancouver criminal lawyer for Acumen Law Corporation, and Mo Amir, host of the podcast This is VANCOLOUR, discuss Justin Trudeau coming face to face with protestors in a Vancouver restaurant, other ways to spend half a million dollars instead of encampment removals and forfeiting holiday traditions because of the high cost of living.

“When you only have one voice making all of the decisions about how a transition’s going to take place and that one voice somebody who comes from policing and from police culture, the concern you get is that all the decisions about how the implementation is going to roll out, how staffing is going to go, what police are going to be responsible for in the community and what they’re going to prioritize and not prioritize is going to be make from a very pro-police policing lens.”

“When we think of civil disobedience in the protest context, we have to consider the type of offence that’s being committed. And anything that involves violence against another person or threats of violence, would very clearly fall outside the scope of what would be protected under the charter right to protest.”

Listen here.

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