Kyla Lee on the Jill Bennet Show: One-on-one with Surrey city lawyer Peter German, Making BC’s roadways safer, & Stores dealing with violent thieves!

Richmond RCMP releases a video to help inform pedestrians and drivers about how everyone has roles to play to make our roadways safer.

“How many laws does the driver break in this video?”

“…the driver picks up the phone, clearly something you’re not supposed to do when you’re behind the wheel, picks up the phone , is looking at the phone and at that point almost hits the pedestrian in the crosswalk”

“Wow, this feels a lot like blaming the victim, like here’s this woman, fair enough she’s wearing all black and she’s got her headphones in, so she can’t hear what’s around her. But she’s in a marked crosswalk, and somebody who is using her cellphone while driving almost mows her down and they’re sort of pointing the finger at her for not protecting her own safety? That’s really bad.”

“…not a situation where, as a pedestrian, you’re expecting you’re going to be seen regardless of what you’re wearing in that situation”

“Oh absolutely, as a pedestrian you should take actions to make sure you keep yourself safe because I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect every driver is going to be driving perfectly”

Listen to the full episode here.

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