Kyla Lee on Radio NL

On the guidelines for businesses that are starting to reopen, Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry says these are not regulations, what they are, are guidance documents.

Meanwhile, Acumen Law’s Kyla Lee says the need to post guidelines is an important rule.

“It allows the public to make an informed decision before going to a business about whether they think that they can, first of all comply with the businesses COVID-19 plan, and also whether they want to take the risk associated with entering that business.”

Lee says if a business has not posted the information, the first step is to contact them and say ‘you need to post this’.

“Just to remind them of the existence of the order and to direct them to comply. And if then they don’t comply there might be additional enforcement, an on-site visit. And if there’s still no compliance after that then you’re get into escalating penalties where people are fined or ordered to close.”

Lee says this has been very short notice and not everyone will be well versed in the guidelines, so some leniency needs to be given.

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