Kyla Lee on CBC’s On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko: Soapbox Social: London Drugs and Airbnb

London Drugs says they’re seeing more shoplifting and violence at their stores, and the province is clamping down on short-term rentals. These are just some of the topics we covered with our Soapbox Social panel today.

“There’s not a lot you can do. Unless you actually witness somebody commit the offence, you don’t have a lot of rights to stop somebody. The laws in Canada related to citizen’s arrest make it so have to be effectively very, very sure that what you’re doing is lawful before you take any steps to physically apprehend a person.”

“There’s a lot of development applications for hotels in this city and there’s a lot of abandoned development in the city that could be turned into more hotel stock. So I think there is a long term strategy in relation to building more hotels but I do have a concern about tourism…”

Listen here.

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