Kyla Lee Interviewed on Global News at 6

On December 1, 2017, new rules came in with stiffer driving prohibitions for street racing and stunt driving. Under the rules prior to Dec.1, penalties for street racing or stunt driving could land you a 15-day penalty. But after Dec. 1, those same penalties could be increased to the range of three to 36 months. 

The NDP government says the penalties are intended for those who recklessly speed in urban areas, pointing to an example of travelling 180 km/h over the Lions Gate Bridge, which would be more than three times the speed limit in the area. 

Global News interviewed Kyla Lee, who called this a system rife for abuse.

“What they’re doing is without a hearing, on the basis of an offence that has not been proven and not been disputed in court, determining a punishment for somebody for having committed that offence,” Lee told Global News.

“I’ve challenged them in BC Supreme Court and every single time I’ve challenged them, the Superintendent has cancelled the prohibition.”

See the full interview on Global News Hour at 6, starting at 3:58:

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