Kyla Lee Interviewed by The Leaf Cannabis News

​As experts warn of flaws with the cannabis-impaired driving provisions of Bill C-46, a high-profile Canadian cannabis industry executive has vowed to bankroll a future court challenge against that aspect of the proposed law.

Testifying before the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs last Thursday, Vancouver defence attorney Kyla Lee described the drug-impairment provisions and related mandatory minimum penalties laid out in Bill C-46 as “particularly troubling.” 

“The result of this is that more Canadians are going to be left with criminal records, and I also predict that because more people will be left with criminal records for something that’s not criminal, the overall stigma in our criminal justice system associated with a criminal record will eventually become decreased, and it will have an unexpected effect on the severity of punishment in other offences and in other arenas,” said Lee, who specializes in impaired-driving law.

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