Covid-19 provides a chance to embrace technology

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge adjustment for all of us. The crisis forced lawyers across the Province to find new ways to carry out their day to day work. For many, this meant working remotely. Showing up in person simply was not an option. While courtrooms and law offices were closed to the public, one thing that did not stop was our responsibilities to our clients.

We all had to adapt and find new ways to fulfil our duties. But there were positives that came out of the adversity. The pandemic caused us to revaluate how we do business. It has given us a fantastic opportunity as lawyers to take a step back and decide whether the way we’ve been doing things is really the best way.

I believe the time is now to embrace technology and new ways of working. That’s why, if I’m elected as a Bencher of the Law Society of BC, I will work to ensure the regulatory body explores new ways to provide services.

Effective technological solutions can reduce costs, save time and, crucially, stop the risk of spreading Covid-19.

The Law Society should make access to justice a priority. Investing in tech provides an opportunity to help lawyers who need assistance to break down barriers and cut costs.

If I’m elected to be a Bencher of Law Society of BC in the Vancouver by-election, I will work with the committees to identify and implement technological solutions. Whether it’s remote service provision, electronic commissioning of affidavits, or the filing of numerous other documents electronically, there is plenty the Law Society can do. With some amendments to its rules and with the support of appropriate committees at the Law Society, I can make this happen.

I want to make sure services such as these become the standard, not the exception in our profession. We have an opportunity to learn from this crisis and use the tools at our disposal to adapt to this crisis, making our service provision as lawyers better and more accessible for members of the public.

Why should we stay stuck in the past when we should be moving forward together? Let’s seize this opportunity to change make the way we do business better and more accessible.

Vote for me as Bencher of the Law Society here. Voting ends on November 13.

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