Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Thirty Six

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at why you shouldn’t steal. Let me put it this way… it’s shitty. Then, in examining another case of theft, we look at why you shouldn’t claim you have a mental disorder even when you’re overwhelmed by cuteness. And finally, we look at the circumstances of a man that will emphasize the importance of avoiding littering.


That’ll Teach You Not To Steal
With the rampant spread of opioid addiction, the crimes associated with fulfilling that addiction are also widespread. And while we have seen cases of pharmacy robberies and the like, another issue that occurs as a result of opioid addiction is home invasion or theft from residences. Thieves will break in, search for opioid pills, and take them away.

Allegedly one such thief, Peter Hans Emery of — you guessed it — Florida got more than he bargained for after a recent home invasion.

When he broke into a trailer at Pinellas Trailer Park, he picked the lock on a lockbox in the park, locating a bottle of pills that were labelled as Hydrocodone. What he did not expect was that the bottle had been recycled and reused by the owner. Instead of an opiate, Mr. Emery found laxatives. Of course, he did not discover that right away.

Actually, the fact that he had some laxatives is probably a good thing. After all, opiates are constipating, so in the end he probably got some much-needed relief.

Not Guilty By Reason of Mental Disorder
People who commit crimes with an operating mind are considered to be guilty. Those who commit crimes without intending to do so, or unaware of the consequences of their actions, are excused from criminal liability in some circumstances, due to a mental illness. This doesn’t apply to every situation of a mental illness, however. For example, you cannot claim you are not guilty of impaired driving because you are a raging alcoholic.

Another example of a failed claim of mental disorder is found in this case. Parker Capparelli is accused of dognapping two terriers from their yard. When arrested for this offence, he advised the police that he was suffering from a mental disorder and he needed the dogs for therapy reasons. The police asked him to expand on this, and he offered that he had not seen a dog in a few months and one looked like a dog he used to own.

Aww. I feel bad for the guy. But if someone stole my pooch, I’d want the book thrown at ’em.


And That’ll Teach You Not to Litter
A Manitoba man had a very bad day. After getting pulled over by police, he was issued a speeding ticket. And understandably he was not happy about the speeding ticket. So he did what any normal person would do in his situation, he waved the ticket out the window at the police officer.

Problem was, a breeze caught the ticket and took it from his hands, and the ticket fluttered away into the sunset.

All of this was caught on the police dashcam, which clearly showed the littering offence. So the officer did what any reasonable officer is required to do when they witness an offence committed in front of their eyes: they wrote the man a second ticket. This time for littering.

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