Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Sixty One

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at the curious case of the chopped off penis. Then, we focus our attention on an unconventional police method to track down a suspect who was hiding nearby. And finally, we all get a laugh out of a hilarious case of vandalism in Saanich.

Follow the jump to read more about the best of this week’s weird legal stories from around the globe!

Penis Chop

I’m sure that if you walked in on your spouse mid-coitus with another person, you would probably be upset. And I’m sure that if that happened you may have a moment or two where you considered acting out violently. Many people in that circumstance would reconsider their conduct and behaviour, and take a different course of action. But not all people.

Take, for example, Alex Bonilla.

Mr. Bonilla arrived home one fateful day to find his wife in flagrante with the neighbour. And rather than act like a rational adult, he waited until his neighbour was at home with his children. Then, he entered the man’s home and threatened him at gunpoint. He tied up the neighbour, and then hacked off the man’s penis with a pair of scissors. Naturally, following this gruesome crime, he fled the man’s home, penis in hand, screaming.

And this was not a crime of passion. The affair was discovered in May but Mr. Bonilla waited a full two months before he exacto-ed his revenge.

Fart Attack

When there is a warrant out for a person’s arrest, police follow all sorts of interesting measures to catch the suspects. Some have invited the wanted people down to the police station under a ruse they won a contest. Some send Christmas cards. And some resort to more traditional methods of using dogs and surveillance to track down a suspect.

But one case in Montana involved police using a more unconventional method to locate someone on the lam.

While attempting to execute a warrant for a suspect in a drug possession case, the police were close when the suspect hid from them. However, they soon picked up his scent…. You see, apparently a loud fart gave away the suspect’s hiding place.

He was arrested and charged with drug possession. But I really want to be there for the testimony about the arrest in his trial!

Crop Circles

And here’s a case a little more close to home.

Police in Saanich, British Columbia were recently called in to investigate a case of some interesting “crop circles” that appeared on an elementary school’s field. But these crop circles were, well, not child friendly.

Apparently someone – presumably drunkenly – broke into the Gordon Head baseball shed and stole a lawnmower. Then, they drove it to a nearby elementary school where they used it to carve genitalia into the school’s field.

Better yet – the police assume the person who committed this most hilarious crime was someone who frequents Gordon Head park, as the lock on the shed was properly opened and could only have been done by someone who knew the code.

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