Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty One

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesday we are looking into the sexual declarations of a man via a sticker. Then a man who is suing his wife, but isn’t actually his wife, for $2 million for because their wedding was fake. And finally, a woman who loves washing dishes.

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A Florida man was arrested for having a sticker on the back of his truck that read ‘I EAT ASS.’ Mr. Webb was arrested for refusing to remove the sticker at the request of the officer. However, the charges have since been dropped and Mr. Webb is now threatening to sue to sheriff’s office for violating his right to free speech.

In a series of hypocritical events, the arresting officer said that the sticker had to be removed because it was derogatory. But dashcam footage revealed that the arresting officer’s colleague can be hear saying over the radio to ‘tow this shit.’ So not only was the officer wrong about the law, but he also a hypocrite.

​Fortunately for Mr. Webb, his sticker did not satisfy the threshold of obscenity and he is allowed to continue driving while advertising his sexual talents.

You May Now Kiss Your Not-So-Bride

Weddings can be very over the top. But can you imagine spending a million dollars on your wedding and then learning 4 years later that you never even got married?
Andi Potamkin fooled her boyfriend into thinking they got married in a lavish $1 million wedding. According to the lawsuit, Ms. Potamkin didn’t really want to get married. She just wanted to throw a big party and relish in some media attention.

The idea to throw a fake wedding also came about because Ms. Potamkin and her father were concerned after William Blackmore was hesitant to sign a prenup. So in response, the father-daughter team tricked Mr. Blackmore into participating in his own fake wedding.Apparently, Ms. Potamkin told the officiant it was not necessary to become ordained and as a result, the marriage was invalid.Oh yeah, and Mr. Blackmore did actually sign a prenup.

So now Mr. Blackmore is suing his not-so-wife for $2 million dollars.

Domestic Burglary

An Ohio woman has been charged with burglary after breaking into someone’s home. Once the woman entered the home, she made herself comfortable, had a rest on the couch and began playing with the family dog. But according to the local sheriff, the domestic chores didn’t end there. It appears as though the woman washed all the dishes before moving on.
Should the homeowners at least say thank you?

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