Kyla Lee on the Mike Smyth Show: Encampments in BC, Dealing with ‘Sovereign Citizens’, & Fake Toonies smuggled from China!

“Can you beat a traffic ticket by claiming you are a sovereign citizen and the law doesn’t apply to you?”

“You haven’t provided me the documentation, you do have a driver’s license. You’re driving with no insurance and the wrong number plates, so you are going to be getting a traffic ticket today and the video is going to be towed, okay?”

“No I don’t agree to that. I don’t consent to any of this, you’re creating a non consensual security agreement on the side of the road without right”

“You guys understand you are breaching my peace, right? You guys are going to try to criminally harass me into your compliance”

“This is happening more often. It seemed to have started to gain traction during COVID, when people sort of were researching ways to get around vaccine mandates and restaurant shutdowns…”

“Nobody has ever won on the basis of making these arguments.”

“…it’s dangerous for people to engage in this rhetoric for a number of reasons, first of all, if you get sucked in this stuff it’s very hard to get out. People become so persuaded of it..”

“…they misinterpreted and twisted it to create this fiction, this legal fiction that’s now being disseminated on the internet…”

Listen to the full episode here:

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