Kyla Lee on Radio NL Mornings with Jeff & Bill: Wrongfully evicted B.C. woman wins tenancy branch battle, but says former landlord refuses to pay up

“Cases like this are going before the Residential Tenancy Branch all the time where people are saying ‘my family member is moving in’ and then they’ll drive by and see that the house has been torn down and renovated or they’ll see that the suite is for rent or they’ll see that minor improvements were made – changing the carpets and painting the walls and now it’s listed for rent.”

“The Residential Tenancy Branch’s order is a lawful order. That’s where their powers end. They can tell you that you have to pay money and that you did wrong, but they can’t force you to pay it. In order to collect your money, you have to take that order and you have to go file it in small claims… and then you have to compel the person to attend a payment hearing…”

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