Kyla Lee on CBC’s On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko: Soapbox Social: food bank, immigration and housing, and journalism

Our panelists Kyla Lee, a Vancouver criminal lawyer for Acumen Law Corporation, and Mo Amir, host of the podcast This is VANCOLOUR, discuss food insecurity, Canada’s immigration and its impact on housing, and a debate on whether journalism is dead.

“I think there’s a lot the governments should be doing. Number one, they’re not doing enough to crack down on what grocery retailers are doing as far as food price inflation. They’re not putting enough regulations in place to control the cost of food from production to distribution on the shelves.”

“Journalism is totally alive. It looks different than it did five years ago. I see journalism as pivoting as fast as any industry you can think of to respond to the changing ways in which we consume media.”

Listen here.

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