Kyla Lee on CBC’s On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko: Soapbox Social: Carbon tax, Vancouver fees hikes, fall flavours

Kyla Lee and Mo Amir weigh in on the significance of carbon tax as the unaffordability and intensity of wildfires rises, the city of Vancouver staffs’ recommendations to hike up prices for a few things to level of 2024 residential tax hike, and the flavours of fall.

“I think we need to look at the carbon tax for what it is. We’re not seeing benefits that are discernible from where we’re all standing because we’re members of the public in how the tax is being applied… We’re spending any money we’re getting from the carbon tax on the climate emergencies. We’re having to repair roads, we’re having to evacuate people, we’re having to send in the military to assist with forest fires. All of these things are taking away the money we might be able to invest into better carbon-neutral strategies…”

Listen to the full segment here.

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