Kyla Lee Nominated for Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential

As strange as it feels to write a blog post about myself, I suppose there is no harm in writing that I’ve been nominated for Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers. You can see the list of many deserving nominees at the link, and vote in five separate categories.

I was nominated in the Young Influencer category, which recognizes young lawyers who have had a particular influence on the law or the profession in the past year to year and a half. Although I do not feel like a young lawyer any longer, I really have not been a lawyer that long. However, in my almost six years of practice I have had the opportunity to testify before two parliamentary committees and the Senate as an expert witness in criminal law. I have a significant number of reported decisions in the area of administrative law, Immediate Roadside Prohibition, and criminal law.

Heck, I changed the law in relation to disclosure applications in drug trials recently.

So I guess I have had some influence, in a small way.

I doubt I’ll be selected when up against so many distinguished and far more deserving candidates. But it is an honour to be nominated. And I would totally solicit votes if you want to vote for me.

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