Kyla Lee interviewed on Global News at 6: Effectiveness of new red light speed cameras questioned, ICBC won’t get speed cameras revenue


Attorney General David Eby said money from the forthcoming red light speed camera program won’t be going to fix ICBC’s financial crisis, instead the proceeds will be directed to municipalities that have the cameras. 

There are many critics of these speed camera programs. BC driving advocates are concerned politicians will use the ticketing system to turn police departments into revenue-generation for the government. However, these cameras also present a legal problem regarding how reliable they are at proving a driver was going over the speed limit. 

Kyla Lee had a busy weekend and was interviewed by Global News Hour at 6 twice to talk about the problems posed by BC’s new red light cameras. 

The red light cameras are becoming what critics are calling “photo radar 2.0.” Critics of these new speed cameras point out that evidence shows no significant decrease in the number of accidents happening at intersections since the installation of these red light cameras. 

​”It’s a way for the government to collect revenue by taxing people who own vehicles while doing this under this guise of public safety when it’s not a public safety issue.” 

“The solution is to ticket the drivers — to have actual police presence at intersections and to have them standing there handing out tickets to the drivers who violate the law. It’s not difficult to do. It’s just a matter of putting the funding into the policing rather than into the equipment that eliminates the policing.” 

Watch the full interview with Global News Hour at 6 from March 24 here: 

Effectiveness of new red light speed cameras questioned
Kyla Lee was also interviewed by Global New’s Paul Johnson. 

“The cameras are going to be using radar … Since calibration and maintenance of radar devices is a particularly important issue in assessing reliable speeds, that’s going to be evidence they are going to have to bring if speed is part of the offence.” 

If you get a ticket generated by one of these speed cameras, you should absolutely dispute it. The onus is on the government to prove that it was installed and working properly when it took your picture. ​​

Watch the full interview with Kyla Lee on Global News Hour at 6 from March 22:

Eby: ICBC won’t get speed cameras revenue starts at 5:40.

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