Criminal Defence Lawyer

Kyla Lee frequently deals with particularly complex criminal cases.

Kyla Lee is a renowned criminal defence lawyer with a proven track record of achieving success for her clients in trials. Kyla has positioned herself at the forefront of the criminal justice system in Canada. She has argued many of the most influential cases in British Columbia in the last decade. Her accomplishments have earned her a reputation for handling difficult, "unwinnable" cases.

Experience when you need it most 

Kyla Lee has experience handling difficult cases. Kyla does not back away from a challenge. She has succeeded in cases others said were not winnable. Kyla changed the law with her successful court decisions. She conducts many relatively short trials in Provincial Court and lengthy matters in both BC Supreme Court and Provincial Court.

Kyla has successfully defended hundreds of clients often employing new and creative defences to get the right result. In addition to her BC case load, Kyla has defended criminal charges in Alberta, Ontario, the Northwest Territory, and the Yukon. She is also a member of the Yukon bar. If there is a defence, you can count on Kyla to find it.   

Respected in the legal community

Kyla has earned the respect of lawyers, police and her clients by her thorough approach to the defence of her clients. In a 2018 survey of the most respected law firms in BC in the same area of practice, Acumen Law came out on top in all categories. Kyla has presented several times to the Canadian Parliament and Senate on proposed changes to Criminal Law in Canada.

Journalists, reporters and experts turn to Kyla for Criminal Law expertise. She is a regular source for every major news outlet in British Columbia, appearing in news stories about criminal law issues.


Kyla Lee is connected to lawyers, expert witnesses, police and politicians from across the country. She organizes conferences, scientific experiments and works alongside the leading experts to investigate new defences for her clients.  

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